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The Journey Forward - What Our $3.6M Seed Round Funding Means for the Future of Occuspace

8/23/23 - 


I want to thank our investment partners led by Okapi Venture Capital, along with Cove Fund, Shadow Ventures, and Hamilton Ventures. Their support endorses Occuspace's cutting-edge technology and our potential to reshape the way organizations navigate their physical spaces. Shadow Ventures wrote about why they invested in us here and why they say we are "democratizing data for billion dollar real estate decisions."

This new funding is a game-changer for us. It will help amplify our efforts to drive innovation and growth across multiple industries. Our immediate focus is on strengthening our team, expanding our business development efforts, and growing our position in the higher education sector. We remain committed to nurturing and enhancing our partnerships with top institutions like UC San Diego, UCLA, Columbia University, Purdue University, Boston College, and the University of Texas at Dallas, among 50+ others while venturing into new territories.

Occuspace is not just about re-envisioning how spaces are measured, used, and managed; it's about building meaningful connections between technology and real-world challenges. From commercial real estate and corporate offices to multifamily housing, travel, government, and retail corporations, we are committed to reshaping the way these industries approach space utilization in a way that benefits every stakeholder - the visitor/user, operator/manager, and owner.

the-journey-forward (1)

Occuspace was founded by (left to right) Linus Grasel, Max Topolsky, and Nic Halverson as part of UC San Diego's The Basement entrepreneurship program

The support of our investors is instrumental in realizing our potential to address the evolving spatial needs of modern businesses across various sectors hungry for innovative solutions to optimize their spaces.

What really excites me is the opportunity this funding provides us to support technological advancement. Our solution will not only be the easiest and most scalable on the market, but we will also continue releasing new metrics and integrations that will give more insight into how physical space is being used and enable our customers to make the right decisions for their space with confidence in the ever-changing landscape of physical space utilization.

Thank you to our team and investors for helping get us to this point! Onward and upward!

Nic Halverson
Co-Founder and CEO, Occuspace


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